Where to ride?

Warrnambool has lots to offer MTBers. The area might look flat, however if you are in the know you can get a real work out.

Thunderpoint – Warrnambool

Our local track is at Thunder Point Coastal Reserve; just a little over a kilometer from the heart of Warrnambool. It is a tight and twisty track approximately 6 km in length and is surrounded by Tea-Tree and based upon sandstone rock. The sandy soil has one great advantage, unlike most Mountain bike track Thunderpoint is rarely affected by wet weather and the club members ride all year. The track is close to the famous Warrnambool to Port Fairy Rail Trail.

Port Fairy/W’bool Rail Trail

This is a 30km abandon Railway line that has been resurface to make it bike friendly. Along the journey you can stop in the historic Irish town of Koroit or drop in to the dormant volcano at Tower Hill.

Mt Clay – Narrawong

If you are keen for a bit more single track keep head West for 80kms and you are at Mountain Clay – The Sawpit Campground, just out of the city of Portland. This is a well constructed track of 15 kms in length offering a number of technical features.


Finally, just 100 kms to the East of us is the mecca for Mountain Biking – Forrest. Sixty kms of mapped trails and plenty more that are being discovered.