Mia Venema

Name: Mia Venema

Top chick and WMTBC Member

Top chick and WMTBC Member


How long been riding for?

Seriously since 2008 and otherwise since I was about 9

Where is their favorite place to ride?

Forrest, Buxton and TP

What’s been your best experience riding?

Having the opportunity through becoming a member at the WMTBC to head to Nth Qld and ride through rainforest and having a 1 on 1 coaching session with the World Champ Jess Douglas.

What’s been their most challenging?

Pulling out of my first race due to illness. Completing the Forrest Festival 50km day as my first multi event on a hot day!

How long have they been in the club?

Since 2012

What do they like about the club?

The funny banter and relaxed nature of its people. The opportunity to ring people up and go riding together in places like Forrest most of the year.

WCC Meeting to discuss future of WMTBC Thunder Point Access

The South Warrnambool Study will be on Warrnambool Council’s agenda on Monday 11th August. A full agenda and papers are on Councils website (very large file). Come along if you would like to support the Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club and the future of our access to Thunderpoint.

Meeting starts at 5:45pm, so be early to get a good seat.

“I suggest we disperse through the room rather than sit together,” suggests Gavin and “Wear your WMTBC Hoodie if you want to show your support.”

Here is the video that we presented to council at our initial meeting nine months ago:

The Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.




Thunder Point plan goes to City Council – Tonight 5:45pm

Thunder Point plan goes to Council – tonight 5:45pm

Mountain bike riding at Thunder is great for us and our community. The future of mountain biking a Thunder Point will be discussed by Warrnambool City Council are tonight's meeting. Flick the mud off your hoodie and show your support. For some inspiration, check out this fantastic video of why we want to keep TP as our home... Tonight (Monday 21/07), Council Chambers 5:45pm.

Winter Series (2014) kicks off

The Crankhouse Winter Series kicked off on Sunday June 22nd at Thunder Point.

Thirty-three riders took part in the 3 member relay race on a sunny Sunday morning urged on by the smell of Stu’s roast lamb sangas’. You can read more about the first race in The Standard and see a terrific photo slideshow by Rob Gunstone (Rob’s a gun on the camera as well as the mountain bike). Check out this link:


Here are the results:

Jason Hoy (A grade), Leigh Dufty (B grade) and Sam Worden (C grade) took the round one spoils.

Jayce Dufty (A), Robert Owen (B) and Colleen Hughson (C) ran second while Gavin Piergrosse (A), Troy Boote (B) and Lisa Worden (C) were third.

The President is Engaged!

The President is Engaged!

That's right! The WMTBC President, Brett Easton, has proposed to all round awesome chick and skilled mountain biker, Mia Venema. And she said "Yeaaahh!" Make sure you congratulate them if you see them out on the bike.

Thunder Point Winter Series

Crankhouse Winter Series (now at Thunder Point)

The Warrnambool Mountian Bike Club invites you, your family and friends to the Thunder Point Winter Series. The first of three mountain bike events is next Sunday 22 June.

Brought to you by Crankhouse and Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club, this family-fun and all-standards mountain biking event warms up chilly winter riding every year.

Where: Thunder Point Trotting Track (McDonald St, Warrnambool)
When: June 22 11am
Cost: Free for Season (GOLD) Pass holders
$10 for everyone else, 1/2 price for juniors
MTBA licence available on the day. Please bring valid MTBA card.


- kids, Mums and Dads can ride around the safe and friendly track
- spectators will see many laps of competitors from the sunny vantage point
- enjoy life and warm up your winter weekends
- easy-moderate MTB track with plenty of marshalls (a.k.a. motivators)
- hot and cold beverages, and food on-site for your enjoyment
- teams consist of all standards of riders.

- a cosy open fire to warm yourselves
- some hot water and perhaps a shower
- a covered venue for recovery!
Turn up this Sunday 10am-12 with a rake and your bike to help sweep the track.

Other events in the series are on Sundays 20 July and 28 August.

Tower Hill Winter Series (2013)

Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club Member Peter Furphy shot a stack of photos at last year's Winter Series Race at Tower Hill and club member Gavin Prentice has put them together in a photo slideshow for you to enjoy. We hope to see more photos taken at this year's event.

Phantom by Gavin Prentice

The phantom rider in this film is Gavin Prentice. He is riding his favourite single tracks at the best time of day, sunrise. The location is Thunder Point, Warrnambool, filmed during winter solstice 2013. Tim Umney from Umney Media captured the footage using digital SLR and GoPro 3 mounted to a drone quad-copter. Tim is the principal editor and producer of this short mountain bike film. Enjoy!

Phantom from Gavin Prentice on Vimeo.


Just in case you need more training for Wombat100

2014 Kona Dirty Weekend – Why South Australia is a Mountain Bike Mecca…

The 2014 Kona Dirty Weekend (May 3-4) is South Australia’s only 24 hour mountain challenge in Cudlee Creek (right next to Adelaide). With 6hr, 12hr and 24Hr options, this is an epic adventure and above all a hell of a lot of fun along South Australia’s finest MTB trails.

Register to Ride at http://www.bikesa.asn.au/dirtyweekend

The Presidents Newsletter

Brett has been busy with the old singer typewriter and here is the latest news on the club. Click on the newspaper image to read about all that is WMTBC.