Mia Venema

Name: Mia Venema

Top chick and WMTBC Member

Top chick and WMTBC Member


How long been riding for?

Seriously since 2008 and otherwise since I was about 9

Where is their favorite place to ride?

Forrest, Buxton and TP

What’s been your best experience riding?

Having the opportunity through becoming a member at the WMTBC to head to Nth Qld and ride through rainforest and having a 1 on 1 coaching session with the World Champ Jess Douglas.

What’s been their most challenging?

Pulling out of my first race due to illness. Completing the Forrest Festival 50km day as my first multi event on a hot day!

How long have they been in the club?

Since 2012

What do they like about the club?

The funny banter and relaxed nature of its people. The opportunity to ring people up and go riding together in places like Forrest most of the year.

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