The club was established in 2007 when a group of local mountain bikers vocalised their interest in Thunder Point in a public forum and subsequently established a club with a vision of establishing local trails, and provide social, development and racing opportunities, with a particular focus on juniors.

The original committee generated interest, established the club and recruited other like minded volunteers to continue to strive to deliver the club’s mission and vision.

The club is affiliated with the National body Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and has conducted over 30 racing events at Albert Park, Brucknell and Mt Clay and numerous social rides including You Yangs, Wombat State Forest, Forrest, Mt Clay, Grampians, Mt Napier, Timboon and Port Fairy Rail trails not forgetting the July Spin Class.

The Junior Program kicked off in late 2008 and the club went from strength to strength with membership numbers increasing from 40 odd to over 200.

The club has fostered strategic partnerships with numerous stakeholders in the area of track and facilities and have secured a 5 year permit to conduct its activities at Thunder Point Coastal Reserve.

The club continues to work for its members, past, current and future to establish Thunder Point Coastal Reserve as a permanent local training and racing facility and raise funds to build a world class in the district.

To secure your slice of the mountain bike pie, we urge you to join up, support our events and be confident that we are investing our profits in establishing, trails, junior development pathways, recreational mountain biking in Warrnambool and district.