Some images of our local ‘Boolians’ in the 2015 Giant Odyssey

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Odyssey 2015

See some of our local 'Boolians' compete in the 2015 Giant Odyssey

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Giant Odyssey Results

Take a look at the overall results for our local 'Boolians' in the 2015 Giant Odyssey. Kudos to everyone for getting out there and having a go ! It was great to see so many WMTBC jerseys as well.

15km Pioneer

Odyssey 2015 15km results


Odyssey 2015 50km results - Pg1


Odyssey 2015 50km results - Pg2


Odyssey 2015 100km results


 Please let us know if we've missed you in the wrap up !

Otway Odyssey 2015

Big congrats to the Warrnambool crew for their efforts and achievements at this years Otway Odyssey, lead by the eventual winner of the 50km race David Sagnol.
More results & photos to follow shortly.

Poker Ride Results

Congratulations to Gary Rodgers who had the winning hand last night.
(The jokers can be whatever you choose).


Minor placings to Tyler Meddings & Leigh Dufty.
Keith McAlley drew the unlucky ’13’ card.  Bad luck Keith !

Poker Ride – Friday13th March

Poker AA

“On a warm summers evening………”

Ok, its Autumn already. But that just means the conditions will be just right for our Poker Ride tonight. Come down to Thunder Point at 5.30pm for a 6pm kick-off. We have a 2.2km track already set. All you need to do is complete one lap for one card, and at the end of 5 laps the rider with the best poker hand wins a prize. Don’t worry if you only complete 1 or 2 laps. The dealer is very flexible !!
Fun is the theme for the night and there are no stopwatches involved. You can even stay for a BBQ afterwards !

Entry fee is $5 and you will need either your MTBA membership number or an MTBA day licence which is $20.
Hope to see you all there.

Graeme Wines

Name:  Graeme Wines

Graeme rides Otway Odyssey

Graeme rides Otway Odyssey

How long been riding for?

Mountain biking since 2012

Where us their favorite place to ride?

Forrest (great tracks, and relatively close)

What’s been their best experience riding?

Regular weekly social rides

What’s been their most challenging?

2012 Twelve Apostles Mountain Bike Classic (first long mountain bike event- stage race)

How long have they been in the club? 

Since 2012

What do they like about the club?

Friendly, like-minded people

Mia Venema

Name: Mia Venema

Top chick and WMTBC Member

Top chick and WMTBC Member


How long been riding for?

Seriously since 2008 and otherwise since I was about 9

Where is their favorite place to ride?

Forrest, Buxton and TP

What’s been your best experience riding?

Having the opportunity through becoming a member at the WMTBC to head to Nth Qld and ride through rainforest and having a 1 on 1 coaching session with the World Champ Jess Douglas.

What’s been their most challenging?

Pulling out of my first race due to illness. Completing the Forrest Festival 50km day as my first multi event on a hot day!

How long have they been in the club?

Since 2012

What do they like about the club?

The funny banter and relaxed nature of its people. The opportunity to ring people up and go riding together in places like Forrest most of the year.

WCC Meeting to discuss future of WMTBC Thunder Point Access

The South Warrnambool Study will be on Warrnambool Council’s agenda on Monday 11th August. A full agenda and papers are on Councils website (very large file). Come along if you would like to support the Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club and the future of our access to Thunderpoint.

Meeting starts at 5:45pm, so be early to get a good seat.

“I suggest we disperse through the room rather than sit together,” suggests Gavin and “Wear your WMTBC Hoodie if you want to show your support.”

Here is the video that we presented to council at our initial meeting nine months ago:

The Warrnambool Mountain Bike Club from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.